DSP Integration: Step-by-Step Instructions


Below you will find step-by-step instructions for your LiveIntent + DSP integration. If you have any questions or issues during the set-up process, please contact your LiveIntent Account Manager.



1)     Access  http://developers.liveintent.com in order to review LiveIntent specs.

2)     The following should be noted:

  • We require HTML image & click URLs
  • If using JavaScript, then the <NOSCRIPT> section must be included
  • Our win-notification approach uses the "nurl" field, not the "adm" field (pixel)
  • Server-side (S2S) firing of tracking pixels is our preferred method (instead of client-side) 
    (Note: S2S firing supports more pixels and reduces discrepancies. Ad “viewability" is not a concern due to the nature of our newsletter inventory; it is subscriber opt-in and does not require a lot of scrolling.) 

3)    You must provide LiveIntent with:

  • Bidder test endpoint (if applicable)
  • Bidder production endpoint
  • Cookie-sync test endpoint (if applicable)
  • Cookie-sync production endpoint
  • Win-notification endpoint (if applicable)
  • Budget amount (if applicable)
  • Budget daily cap (if applicable)
  • Report delivery method

4)       LiveIntent will configure the integration using the information that you have provided.

5)       LiveIntent will conduct a test campaign with limited traffic, and monitor impressions and clicks.

6)       LiveIntent will pull a discrepancy report, to make sure that LiveIntent and your DSP are counting the same number of impressions and clicks.

7)       If there is a discrepancy, LiveIntent will investigate to find the source, and test again. If not, LiveIntent will increase traffic to production level and continue monitoring.

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