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LiveConnect (for Publishers): Email Service Provider (ESP) Configuration: Analytics

LiveConnect: Increase the Number of Your Newsletter Subscribers that DSP's can Target, Enabling Future Programmatic, People-Based, and Mobile Marketing Opportunities.


How to Setup LiveConnect for Your ESP

Below you will find the step-by-step instructions for configuring LiveConnect for your ESP.  If you do not see instructions for your ESP or have any questions during this setup process, please contact your LiveIntent Platform Development Manager.

Estimated time for completion: Dependent on your specific ESP setup.

*Note: A LiveConnect tag is required to be placed on your website, please follow the website implementation instructions.

**Note: Upon the completion of these steps, and confirmation from your Platform Development Manager, you can expect LiveConnect to begin showing results in 3-6 months.



  • Step 1: Similar to the process for appending your links with a UTM parameter (ex. Google Analytics), you are going to add an additional UTM parameter within your email platform.  Note: This various by ESP.
  • Step 2: Name your new UTM parameter 'LiveConnect'
  • Step 3: You will need to enter unique values for both the email subscriber and campaign.  Note: your email platform will have variable or macros to assist with this.
  • Step 4: These values will be concatenated and be used in your new 'LiveConnect' UTM parameter (ex. &LiveConnect=[subscriberkey][campaignid]
  • Step 5: Once you have completed these steps, please send a test email to and please notify your account manager.  They will confirm a valid configuration.
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