LiveConnect: Step-By-Step Implementation Guide

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  1. LiveConnect Tag Placement
  2. Conversion Extension Placement
  3. Frequently Asked Questions: Tag Placement

LiveConnect Tag

The LiveConnect Tag is a web tag that powers LiveIntent’s People Based Marketing solutions. The intent captured onsite enhances campaign performance, conversion tracking and audience segmentation.

How To Add The LiveConnect Tag To Your Website

Place the LiveConnect Tag directly into the HTML on all pages inside of the <head> section. You may already have other existing code between the header tags, simply place the LiveConnect Tag below that, but above </head>.  Please make no changes to the LiveConnect tag structure when placing the tag onsite.


With the LiveConnect Tag placed, we will begin to build an audience of site visitors for use in prospecting or remarketing campaigns.

Conversion Extension

The conversion extension script is an additional piece of code that 'speaks' to the LiveConnect Tag. When a user lands on a page where the conversion extension and the LiveConnect Tag are both present, the conversion extension 'tells' the LiveConnect Tag that a conversion has taken place for that user.

Conversion Extension Dynamic Values

The conversion extension includes 4 parameters: event, email, amount and currency. As noted in the code provided, the event parameter, "conversion", is the only mandatory parameter and is thus hardcoded in. No change needs to be made to this parameter, leave as is. The values of the optional 3 parameters are represented as placeholders in the code provided (placeholders colored green below) . For better campaign optimization and audience resolution, please replace the placeholder values with dynamic variables that will output the following:

Code Snippet

Requested Value Output

Value Format

"email": "[USER_EMAIL]

Email address of logged in or known site visitor



Total purchase amount

Number with Decimals



Currency Type

Transaction currency, 3 letter  string

Example Output:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.liQ = window.liQ || [];
{"event": "conversion",
"email": "",
"amount": 64.99,
"currency": "USD"

If the optional parameters are not used, please remove them from the conversion script.  We recommend consulting with your customer success team to ensure the edits were done correctly.

How To Add The Conversion Extension To Your Website

Add the conversion extension to the page that represents the completion of your conversion funnel & goal (i.e. a purchase confirmation page, 'thank you for signing up' page, etc.). Both the LiveConnect Tag and conversion extension must be present on this page in order to properly track conversions. Both elements should be placed inside of the <head> section.



Frequently Asked Questions: Tag Placement

Q: Can I place the LiveConnect Tag (and conversion extension) in my tag manager?

A: Yes, of course! However, please be sure that once in the tag manager, the LC tag is not placed into an iFrame or floodlight. This will prevent the LC tag from firing properly.


Q: Why do you request we pass you the email address in the conversion extension?

A: When you can identify that a user on a page is logged in, you can use this parameter to let us know the logged in user email. This email will then be hashed (md5, sha1 & sha256) and sent to us (We will never receive clear text emails) to enhance campaign optimization and audience resolution.

You can find our General LiveConnect FAQ here.



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