How to Activate Your Audience Files

With LiveIntent, you can upload your CRM data, and serve ads to your valuable audiences in the email inventory of premium publishers.  

You can use your CRM data to do the following:

  • stay top of mind with your existing customer base in a unique engaging channel
  • re-activate past customers who have not visited your website recently
  • up-sell or cross-sell existing customers
  • find more people who look like your top customers
  • suppress existing customers in your customer acquisition strategies

After your campaign has ended, you can request an Audience 360 Report for campaign audience details such as date, time, ISP, device/O/S, browser, and creative ... all attributes that can be fed into your attribution platform for campaign optimization and audience analytics.

LiveIntent offers multiple options for activating your audience across the exchange.  We have partnered with leading DMPs (such as Adobe Audience Manager and Merkle) that offer integrations for activating your audiences in our email exchange.  Depending on your scope and requirements, we recommend using our Audience API* for sharing multiple audiences and regular refreshes. Clients also have the option of uploading audience files directly into Audience Manager.

If you have any questions please contact your LiveIntent Account Team.


*The Audience API is currently being updated. It will be available with new documentation shortly.


Partner Integrations

Note: If you are using any of these partner solutions, it is highly recommended that you use the integration. 

Our partner integrations facilitate the seamless and secure transfer of your CRM segments, directly into the LiveIntent platform. 

  • Merkle (HEM)
  • Neustar (IDMP)
  • Adobe (AAM)
  • Lotame
  • LiveRamp


Audience API

*Note: The Audience API is currently being updated. It will be available with new documentation shortly.

This is the most efficient option if you are not using one of our partner solutions, and you are sending many files. 

LiveIntent supports an API in which you can batch send CRM data via SFTP transfer. You will need to provide LiveIntent with an SSH key for SFTP access. You will also need to send a data file and corresponding meta data file. 


Audience Manager 

This UI is for all clients, both managed and self-service, who want to onboard their data directly with LiveIntent. Audience Manager is LiveIntent's primary access point for creating and managing first-party, people-based audiences using LiveIntent’s nonID - a stable, privacy-safe identifier that has a 1:1 relationship with the email address.

When using Audience Manager, you do not need to separately hash your email files. Simply create a new audience by uploading your plain text email file. Audience Manager will automatically hash your email list and make the audience available for targeting immediately in our email exchange.

Step-by-step instructions for using Audience Manager can be found here: Overview of Audience Manager


Platform: Direct Upload

*Note: For Self-Service (LiveIntent Bid Manager) Clients ONLY

Self-service users who do not want to use Audience Manager can upload hashed CRM data directly into the platform. 

In our self-service platform, take the following steps to upload your file:

1) Navigate to the "Audiences" tab.

2) Click on "Create and Manage Audience" > "Upload LiveAudience File"


3) You'll be taken to another screen:


4) Enter the Advertiser and Audience names.

5) Select your Audience Sharing preference.

6) Select the Hash Type (MD5, SHA1, or SHA2)


7) Then you can upload your file in a .csv, .txt, or ZIP format.

If none of these options is satisfactory to you, please reach out to your Account Manager. 




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