LiveConnect (for Advertisers): Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

LiveConnect: Improve campaign optimization, track conversions, and enable site retargeting or product retargeting.



  • What is the size of the LiveConnect tag? Does it cause additional latency for my website?
    • The compressed tag is 30kb. It is loaded asynchronously to protect the performance of your website, not adding latency to your site's load time.
  • Do I need to sign a new or different agreement for LiveConnect?
    • A new agreement is not required to implement and use the tag.
  • Where should the LiveConnect tag be placed?
    • Please place the LiveConnect tag (unedited) on all of your website pages.  This can be accomplished by using the website header, or a container tag.  *For conversion tracking you will need to add an additional script to the confirmation page.  Please see the implementation instructions.
  • How do I know the LiveConnect tag is implemented correctly?
    • The LiveConnect tag whether tracking conversions or enabling retargeting, dynamically generates audience segments.  Your LiveIntent account team will be able to confirm these are being created properly.
  • What does the LiveConnect tag do on the website?
      • The tag registers page views from visitors, and collects data such as the URL of the page visited and referral URL. Meta data such as IP address, user agent information, timestamp, and viewport information are also collected. This data is used for campaign optimization.  *For conversion tracking, it will collect segments of converters for a specific conversion goal.


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