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Google Ad Manager - Troubleshooting Tips & Pointers

Last Updated Nov. 3 2017

If your Line Item did not sync from Google Ad Manager (GAM) to LiveIntent, or something seems incorrect with the Line Item setup in LiveIntent, please refer to these tips below to help troubleshoot:

1. Do not target any other folder other than “LiveIntent Inventory” Folder will interrupt the Line Item sync.

2. Do not select an entire Publisher entity

3. Do not utilize GAM targeting values. Instead utilize LiveIntent KVPs, located at Delivery>Add Targeting>Key-values.

LiveIntent KVPs are indicated by “LI” in the naming convention.

💡 For example: LI_Geo for Geo Targeting, LI_Age for Age targeting etc.

4. Ensure that there is a beginning and end date for the LineItem. Cannot be left blank.

5. Ensure that you have selected either "Standard" or "Sponsorship" for the Line Item. If you have selected "Standard" please make sure the priority is set to 8. If you have selected "Sponsorship" please make sure the priority is set to 4.

6. Please make sure that for all traffic line items there is at least a budget of $1 assigned to the CPM or CPD rate. 

7. Do not select “Frontloaded” under the 'Deliver Impressions' field.

8. If you are targeting Placement(s), make sure these Placements have synced from LiveIntent. You cannot create a new Placement in GAM.

9. Please make sure all the inventory selected on the Line Item is set to active in LiveIntent's system.

10. Ensure the creative is an Image type in GAM. Other types of creatives (Template, etc.) will prevent the line item from syncing to LiveIntent.

11. Creative level flighting is not supported in this integration.

12. Ensure that you have Saved and Approved the Line Item in GAM.

13. Fallback ads are not supported via our integration at this time.

14. If your Order has an end time of “unlimited”, the Order and associated Line Item(s) will not sync to LiveIntent.

💡 Note: If you have a line item with an end time of “unlimited” under an order, the Order will default to an “unlimited” end status, which will interrupt the LiveIntent targeted line items.  Best practice is to not traffic line items that are targeting LiveIntent inventory in tandem with line items targeting non-LiveIntent inventory under the same Order


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