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DCM/DFP Transition to Downloaded Impressions Reporting

Google is changing the method with which they track impressions. Because of this, the DFP and DCM Standard Tag is being deprecated. This article explains what you need to do to ensure that reporting and services are not interrupted.

Why is Google Making These Changes?

Until recently, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) stated that ad impressions could be counted as soon as they are sent to a publisher by the ad server. The industry, however, has changed significantly since this standard was created and the Media Rating Council (MRC), in conjunction with the IAB, is taking steps to transition from counting impressions on ad server decision (i.e., ad is served) to counting impressions on download (i.e., ad begins to load on a page).

Who Does This Affect?

Anyone using DFP/DCM standard tags, such as advertisers, agencies, and publishers who are direct-selling inventory.

What Will The Impact Be?

The tag will not be able to be served on anything other than a 1x1 pixel.

What Changes Do I Need to Implement?

If changes are not implemented by October 2, 2017, your DFP/DCM reporting may be interrupted. To keep reporting accurate, LiveIntent strongly suggests using Tracking Ads when using DFP/DCM to traffic campaigns in email. 

Tracking ads don’t display anything to users. Instead, you set them up to register clicks and impressions on another ad. Your tracking ad is served by DCM, but the other ad is not. 

Link for more info about Tracking Ads:

As a secondary option, you may switch to using hosted images and a 1x1 pixel.

If you have any questions about these changes and how they affect your campaigns, please reach out to your LiveIntent Account Manager.

DFP Tag Deprecation Important Dates

Feb 6, 2017 – Google adds new metric in DFP reporting: Ad server downloaded impressions

Mar 2, 2017 – Updated basis for ‘Ad server Active View eligible impressions’ metric in DFP. Click here to learn more.

Aug 22, 2017Partners can no longer create standard tags in DCM/DFP

Oct 2, 2017New impression counting methodology is implemented for DCM/DFP

You can find more information about the timeline here:

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