Google DoubleClick Campaign Manager Standard Tag FAQs

  • What is the update?
    •  Google is sun-setting their standard tags – effecting DCM users.


  • Why is the reason for the update?
    • Google DoubleClick Digital Marketing and DoubleClick for Publishers are shifting their method for calculating impressions from “served” to “count on download.” As a result, image assets will no longer serve though the DCM standard placement tag because this does not support downloaded impressions.


  • Who is affected?
    • Any clients using DCM standard tags will be affected. This includes not only advertisers, but also publishers who are direct selling and receiving DCM Standard Tags from advertisers.


  • When will DCM reporting for standard tags no longer be supported?
    • August 22nd, 2017. 


  • When will users no longer be able to create standard tags in the DCM platform?
    • Starting August 22nd, users cannot generate Standard Tags in the DCM platform.


  • When will image assets no longer serve through existing standard tags?
    • In October (date TBD), image assets will no longer serve through existing standard tags.


  • What should I do if I have been using DCM tags in my campaigns with LiveIntent?
    • If you are currently using DCM Standard Tags, we ask that you please provide the following as soon as possible:
      • raw image asset
      • 1 X 1 impression tracker
      • click tracker
    • More Information


  • Can I use JavaScript, iFrame, or ins tags?
    • Unfortunately due to the restraints in the email channel, we cannot accept these types of tags.


  • Will 1 X 1 tracking pixels be impacted?
    • 1x1 impression tracking pixels will not be impacted.


  • Will reporting be affected?
    • Similar to most reporting discrepancies, they will be higher with the 1 X 1 tracker in mobile environments due to varied cookie support.


  • What will happen if I cannot provide the requested assets and trackers?

    • We do not have an alternative solution at this time.


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