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Google Ad Manager Integration: Overview

The LiveIntent integration with Google Ad Manager (GAM)formerly known as DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), gives publishers the ability to manage their inventory and traffic direct-sold campaigns via the Google Ad Manager platform. Understanding that our clients’ teams do not have the time to learn the multitude of platforms within the industry, this integration was built to save your team's time. Currently, our integration is in its final form with no additional features planned or being built. 

Our GAM integration is a trafficking-only integration. It’s important to note the limitations between what a publisher can do within GAM as opposed to what can be done within the LiveIntent platform. A key distinction being the ability to utilize the campaign efficiency and optimization tools and strategies provided by the LiveIntent platform.  

Above all else, there needs to be a one-to-one sync between the capabilities of Google Ad Manager and the LiveIntent platform. This means that any capabilities selected within Google Ad Manager need to have an equivalent capability within the LiveIntent platform, or the sync will fail.


Google Ad Manager

Single ad serving fee

Double ad serving fee (Google and LiveIntent)

Full suite of optimizations available

Trafficking only integration (reporting will need to be from LiveIntent and cannot be pulled from within GAM)

Launch and any changes take 45 minutes for go live (XML update)

Less frequent sync times – depending on the volume of sync

Edits can be made with reliance

Edits directly within GAM – unreliable

Many available campaign types

Standard and sponsorship campaign setups

Impression, click, CPA, goals

Can only push towards an impression delivery goal

Conversion tracking supported

No conversion tracking supported

Ability to utilize LiveAudience (uploaded hash list)

No LiveAudience capability

Ability to append two third party trackers

Ability to append one third party tracker

Forecasting available

No forecasting available within GAM platform

Ability to use bundled newsletters or ad slots

No ability to use bundled newsletters or ad slots

Error messaging available

Reliance on syncing – with no error messaging

No reliance on an OMS

When working with an OMS – no edits can be made from the OMS once initially synced.

Google Ad Manager Sync Time

  • Demand syncs take around one hour depending on the volume being synced.
  • Supply (Inventory) syncs take 24 hours after the activation of our LiveTags.  This activation is our internal QA process in where a newsletter is sent to to ensure the correct placement of our LiveTags.  These LiveTags are what house the creative within your newsletter.

Common Sync Errors (Tips and Tricks)

Order/Line Item Information:

  • Do not implement discount option.
  • Do not adjust delivery options toggles.
  • Leave comments section at line item level blank so that successful syncs and error messaging will show.  Note: error messaging is very limited in GAM.
  • Standard line item type must have a price to sync.
  • Targeting: Only Inventory and Custom Targeting can be used.
    • LI_ are for LiveIntent-specific KVPs (geo, age, device). These can be included or excluded.
    • Custom KVPs are supported.  These can also be included or excluded.
  • Capabilities not selected within LiveIntent that are selected within Google Ad Manager will cause a sync failure.

Date Range:

  • Make sure dates matchup across order, line item, creative dates. 
  • Make sure to select a current or future date.
    • No unlimited end date within order, line item, or campaign.
  • Line items within GAM can start and end at specific times of the day (this is now a capability within our platform).

Creatives/Creative Links:

  • Creative sizing: make sure the creative matches the ad unit selected (inventory)
  • Make sure all click-through URLs and third-party trackers with a CACHEBUSTER are swapped out with our acceptable LiveIntent macro of ${DECISION_ID}.
  • When replacing a third-party tracker timestamp or CACHEBUSTER  with LiveIntent’s $(DECISION_ID) macro, you must replace the timestamp or CACHEBUSTER and immediately save the creative.  If you do not, the LiveIntent macro will not hold.
  • The display creatives option is not supported.
  • Ensure that the correct size creative units are uploaded into GAM. If incorrect sizes are uploaded, they will sync with ad slots but not match the ad slot’s size settings. This will result in a campaign or line item not serving as intended.
  • Ensure creatives abide by LiveIntent’s creative formatting requirements:
  • Within the ‘Expected Creatives’ section at the line item level ONLY implement the creative sizes you plan on using.
  • When using 3rd party trackers implement with a secure URL (https)
  • Any creative adjustments to a synced line item will require re-trafficking the initiative in a new line item.
  • There are two options for adjusting creative already  synced to a line item:
    1. Pause the line item with the creative you want to change or do not want to run and reach out to LiveIntent to manually traffic the initiative in the LiveIntent platform.
    2. Pause the line item with the creative you want to change or do not want to run. Then re-traffic the line item entirely in GAM.

Naming Conventions:

  • Do not change any of the inventory names within GAM directly. Any changes made to naming conventions must be made in the LiveIntent platform first to then sync over to GAM. Otherwise, there will be sync errors.
  • Naming conventions have a 120 character limit.

Additional Limitations:

  • There is no ability to define specific CPM rate for sponsorship campaigns, everything syncs over at $1 CPM.
  • There is no ability to set-up multiple line items under the same campaign for reporting structure purposes. 
    • In the LiveIntent platform you can set up one campaign and have multiple child line items under it. 
    • In GAM, the line items will sync over as a single campaign and line item.
  • Changing line item and creative flight dates once a line item or creative has been booked can cause sync issues.


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