4 Ways to Boost Your Revenue

You can create revenue from your email program before selling anything — and even before your readers click to your site. Here’s how!

1. Explore Marquee: This unit provides both value and efficiency: advertisers will pay top dollar due to its prominence, and its dynamic nature ensures it only shows to the right viewer.

2. Consider your ad slots: If you’re using 160x600s, consider a 300x250 — they’re the preferred ad size for responsive templates, and fit great when scaling down for mobile. 

Add more units: On average, templates with three ad slots earns revenue 2.5x higher than those with a solo ad slot. The optimal layout of three ad units can result in total revenue per open of $9.43.

3. Open your inventory: Blocklisting is a popular way to ensure your audience sees relevant ads, but it may also be blocking relevant advertisers. For example, 36% of the ads running on our platform are either categorized primarily or subcategorized as ‘Shopping’. By category blocking this section, you’re effectively reducing the competitiveness of your inventory.

4. Increase frequency: Increase the send of your newsletters to keep subscribers engaged and generate more revenue, without jeopardizing opens.

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