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Trafficking a Direct Sold or House Campaign

For step-by-step guidance on Trafficking a Direct Sold Campaign, click on the “Walk Me Through” button below. You will be re-directed to the LiveIntent UI, and the Trafficking process will begin.

When trafficking your campaign, think about the process as a waterfall. 

For example, everything set on the IO level will be applicable at the campaign level and everything at the campaign level is applicable to the strategy. Similarly, if you do not save your IO, you will be unable to move onto creating a campaign, and so on.

  1. First, create an advertiser
    • Name your advertiser
    • Select a primary category
    • Select a primary domain 

  2. Create an insertion order 
    • Name your Insertion Order
    • Input your budget for the insertion order 
    • Input your flight dates 

  3. Create a campaign 
    • Name your campaign 
    • Input your budget for the campaign 
    • Input your flight dates 
    • Select your pricing model 

  4. Create a strategy 
    • Select the status of your strategy
    •  budget, flight information, and
    • Confirm your pacing type as either “ASAP” or “Even”

  5. Traffic the creative 
    • Upload your creative to traffic. Make sure to have both the creative name & creative source  (either upload image as a .jpeg or include the source URL) 

  6. Link your strategy to the creative 
    • Once your creative is trafficked, you’ll need to assign your campaigns to the appropriate email ad slots. 
      • Highlight your strategy
      • Scroll down to the linked ad slots 
      • Click “Manage” 
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