Direct Sold Targeting Capabilities

Everything that you’ve expected from a web display campaign can be delivered using LiveIntent. You can compete your campaigns against the exchange, you can run house ads, you can use targeting capabilities provided by third party data partners, and you can use your first-party data to retarget known segments through LiveAudience. 

Here are a few more of our direct sold targeting capabilities: 

Key-Value Pairs

Key-Values let you define your own targeting criteria based on first-party data specific to your subscribers or newsletters. Similar to display advertising, you can use key-value pairs to dynamically pass custom information to your LiveTags that can then be used for targeting. 

ExampleRegistration information collected from your users on their most recent search topic on your site. 

For more on how to set up Key-Value Pairs, check out this article

Placement ID

Placement ID targeting is used for a specific sponsorship setup, where you can determine that a certain advertiser receives placement in a specific newsletters. These flight dates can be as short or as long as you’d like — from two days to two years

Example: First, you’ll need to make sure your Placement ID is predictable. We recommend a date stamp (08082015, for example). When creating the strategy, you’ll enter the placement ID into the targeting parameters. This will limit the advertiser to only serving to newsletters containing the 08082015 placement ID.     

List ID

List ID allows you to target specific segments of your newsletter

Example: You can A/B segment your list so only part of the audience receives a specific ad. To do this, you would enter the segment you want to target when creating the strategy. Then, when the newsletter was opened and the tag call is made, only newsletter containing the targeted List ID would receive the ad.


Bundles are utilized by large publishers to target a specific bundle, based on a niche audience.

Example: If you have Arts & Entertainment, Local News and Business newsletters, you can choose to only target the local news segment by building bundles that would contain only the local news-related newsletters. This can simplify the trafficking process, as you would target the bundle, rather than link each individual ad unit to the strategy.


Sponsorships guarantee all impressions served during specified flight dates.

Example: You’ve sold the campaign as added value or have guaranteed all of the impressions to a specific advertiser. You’ll slide the ‘guaranteed’ option on after entering the budget type on the campaign level.

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