How to use LiveVisitor

What is LiveVisitor? 
LiveVisitor is the exclusive way to retarget your web visitors in email. 
Why use LiveVisitor? 
Consumers today are inundated with brands and choices; LiveVisitor is a powerful to bring your customers back to your site, allowing you to: 
  • Use unique pixels on different category pages to segment your retargeting audience by vertical
  • Keep your brand top-of-mind in an environment that has 3-5x greater engagement than web display
  • Serve site-visitors relevant ads via LiveIntent’s 750+ premium publishers
How does LiveVisitor work?
  1. Place LiveIntent’s retargeting pixel on any page(s) of your site to retarget your audience
  2. LiveIntent creates a cookie pool of all the people who have visited pages that contain a retargeting pixel 
  3. When your various site visitors open an email newsletter from one of our publishers, we’ll retarget them with your ad, allowing you to address your target audience. 
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