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How to use LiveAudience: LiveIntent's CRM retargeting solution

What is LiveAudience? 

LiveAudience is LiveIntent's CRM retargeting solution, allowing you to achieve your CRM goals outside of traditional channels. 

Using a secure email hash, LiveIntent can match your customer email segments to 120MM+ email openers across 800+ premium publishers. 

LiveAudience increases performance post click by 2-3x, including site activity and click-to-conversion rate. 

Benefits of CRM Retargeting 

  • Connect offline data with online behavior to inform more relevant messaging and improved attribution 
  • Deliver the best message to every customer, tailored directly to your customer segments 
  • Communicate with all customers across all devices in your owned email, as well as 3rd party premium publishers

How is LiveAudience different than cookie retargeting?

Cookie retargeting is most useful when the recipient is using the same browser and device where the original cookie was placed. LiveAudience uses the hashed versions of email addresses instead of cookies. This allows LiveAudience retargeting to work across all devices and email readers, regardless of cookies.

What is an email hash? 

An email hash is a 32, 128 or 256 character-character code created by running an email address through a hashing algorithm. This produces a hexadecimal string that can be matched for marketing purposes, but not mailed to or easily reversed without a matching file or similar hashes, so it’s more secure than sharing email addresses. By reference, whenever you log into a website using your email address, you are recognized throughout your session as a hash. Hashes are used commonly and are a simple standard across the web.

For example, the hash for looks like this: dc124f8ec1f98e027ebc7655d94b08f4

The key benefit of the hash is in its cross-platform and cross-device application. Since the hash is a proxy for identity, and you use the same identity for your email accounts regardless of the device, some view it as an improvement on cookie targeting.

Want to know more about the email hash? Check out our document here.

LiveAudience Use Cases 

You have low open-rates 

LiveAudience Solution: Reach subscribers where they are opening, their email, by delivering a targeted ad in third party newsletters. Include exclusive, limited time offers to highlight the value of being an email subscriber and encourage conversions

You need to increase offline sales 

LiveAudience Solution: Guide specific email segments to nearby physical locations with geographical targeting. Provide coupons, discounts, or other special offers based on subscriber location at time of open 

You have inactive subscribers on your list 

LiveAudience Solution: Win-back and re-engage subscribers by reaching them with an ad in third party newsletters

You don't want to waste impressions

LiveAudience Solution: Target segments based on demographic, geographic and contextual variables to ensure you're only addressing people who are relevant to your campaign

Previous customers haven't purchased or visited your site in awhile 

LiveAudience Solution: Reach your customers and complement your campaigns with cross-channel retargeting 

How large does my audience need to be to run a successful campaign?

Larger customer files will produce higher match rates.

While the best-performing audiences contain at least 1MM email addresses, you can run campaigns with smaller segments if you believe it is worth the time to set up the campaign.

Setting up a LiveAudience Campaign

Click here for step-by-step instructions. 

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