Introduction to Selling

With LiveIntent, your email newsletters can provide a powerful revenue stream without the usual hassle. Unlike traditional ad servers, LiveIntent’s ad server can operate in cookie-free environments, like Outlook and mobile devices. This means you’ll never encounter a click-caching issue with our technology, and you can reliably monetize every impression on every device, screen and browser.

In this article, we’ll review how to use LiveIntent and share resources that can help you as you proceed. 
Before You Start 
The following steps will help your team get the most out of our LiveTag technology by detailing instructions for initial implementation, best practices for your newsletter’s template design, and troubleshooting help if you run into any issues.
  • Ensure your contract is signed. Your LiveIntent Platform Development Managers (PDMs) will send over the Publisher Questionnaire and request a CNAME alias from you.
  • Request a subdomain dedicated to LiveIntent tags. Using that subdomain, we’ll provide you with an EdgeSuite host which you will then point as a CNAME in your DNS. Reference this article for steps on setting up a CNAME. 
  • Prepare your LiveTags. Work with your PDM to review your Questionnaire, which includes your ESP, templates and specs
  • Paste your LiveTags into your newsletter’s HTML template. Instructions can be found here.  For best practices on template layout and design, check out our Email Template Design & HTML Tips document
  • Activate your ad slots. Once LiveTags are implemented in your template, send a live send to Once the test email is sent, LiveIntent will run a script on each test email. If the tags were implemented correctly, the ad slots will activate and you will receive an email. If they were not, your PDM will work with you to quickly solve the problem.
Viewing Reports
Our Reporting UI provides you with an intuitive and easy way to access your data. After setting a few parameters you can download, email, or schedule your custom reports.
For instructions on how to create a report, reference this article
Measuring Success 
Revenue Per Thousand Opens (RPO) is the top-line metric for understanding the value you derive from your available inventory. RPO condenses two measurements: Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) and LiveTags Per Open (LPO).
RPO is a good way to evaluate your success with LiveIntent for a few reasons, the biggest being that it’s reflective of the LiveIntent exchange (CPM) as well as your own adoption of LiveIntent’s technology (the number of LiveTags in your template).

For tips on how to increase your revenue, reference these guides:

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