Landing Page Best Practices

Preparing your landing pages is an important step in the campaign planning process. To make the most of your campaign, remember:  

  • Copy & design should align with expectations set by the creative 
  • Stay focused on the intended action and avoid distractions 
  • Forms should be as simple and easy to execute as possible
Shorten Load Time
Use tools such as Pingdom and Google PageSpeed to identify how the performance of your page can be improved.
Meet the Expectations
If your ad says “buy now,” don’t send the user to a page to fill out a survey.
Drive Towards One Goal
If you are looking to collect email addresses, make that the only thing a user can do on the page. Do not include site navigation or any other links. Use pop-up windows for privacy policy and terms and conditions pages.
Simplify Copy
Use short tag-lines to communicate the incentive quickly. This format is more likely to engage the user than a short paragraph.
Use Contrast to Highlight Your Goal
For example, put a thick dark border around your sign-up form that has a white background.
Create Effortless, Easy Forms
Make the first field a text input and pre-focus the field when the page loads; that way, the user can start typing immediately.
Have a Direct Call-to-Action
Use words that communicate the end action and a sense of immediacy.
Keep Mobile in Mind
Use a tool such as Cross Browser Testing to see how your page renders in other browsers.
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