How To Direct Sell Your Email Inventory

Don’t Give Away Your Best Inventory: Why You Should Direct Sell Your Email Inventory

LiveIntent highly recommends that all of monetization clients with sales teams direct sell their email inventory for a value. As we have found, email inventory has historically been bundled in with display inventory buys either for reduced CPMs or as value-add. However, when you do this you are giving away some of your best inventory for free or at a discount.


1. Understand The Power of Your Email Inventory

Your email inventory has a leg up on your web inventory for one big reason: subscribers. The only people who receive your email newsletters are explicit fans of your brand who have opted in to hear from you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These are the people who are most likely to be brand ambassadors and purchase new products or features. Your subscribers are your best and truest audience.

This exclusive, opt-in property of your email inventory should be attractive to both branding and direct performance advertisers alike. For starters, branding advertisers want to advertise with your brand because they love your audience. With your email inventory, you can provide them access to your most loyal and true fans. This audience loyalty also works in favor of advertisers trying to drive immediate action. The high engagement of your subscribers with your newsletter tends to rub off on the ad itself, causing more engagement and more conversions. We’ve also heard from numerous advertisers that subscribers are a high quality audience as determined by back-end performance metrics.

Step 1 is believing in your newsletter inventory and it’s value. Step 2 is selling this message to your advertisers.

2. Understand the Executions

 Aside from understanding and believing in the value of your email inventory to prospective advertisers, you’ll need to sell specific executions just like you do on the web.

LiveIntent’s inventory is very similar to display. We have a few general ad executions:

  1. Standard Banner Ads: These are the 300x250, 728x90, 300x600, and 160x600 ad units you may have in your email template. Most of our publishers direct sell these units for at least $5 CPM.
  2. Marquee Ad: If you have a Marquee unit at the top of your email inventory, you can direct sell this unit as a high-impact, above the fold unit. We recommend selling this for at least $6 CPM.
  3. Native Ad: If you have a Marquee unit within your newsletter content, you can sell Native. You can either run this as an extension of a display native campaign, or as an email-specific initiative.
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