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What if the conversion pixel is not activating after going through the conversion process?

Check that your pixel is placed on the ‘Thank You’ or confirmation page of the conversion process.
  1. Provide the URL where the pixel was implemented, with a screenshot of the placement
  2. If the pixel is located on the correct page, it may have been implemented with irregular URLs.
The conversion pixel is still not firing. Why is this the case?
There could be other issues with your pixel placement if you have gone through the pixel conversion process, followed the steps above, and you are still not activating the pixel. Some common reasons include:
Other items in the container tag are broken
Make sure to check if other things in the container/tag manager are broken or if their container has any rules/targeting against the pixel that would prevent it from firing successfully.
Not all landing pages have a pixel
There are cases where multiple landing pages are used that look the same, but only one or a few have the pixel implemented. Confirm that a pixel has been placed on each conversion page.
Pixel is attached to another piece of code
The pixel may be piggybacked (attached to another piece of code). Piggybacked pixels may still work, but the extra code creates an additional area of breakage, so they also may not work. If you think the piggybacking is causing the pixel not to fire, you should try hardcoding the pixel (place the pixel on the page not in a container and not piggy-backed)
Page is not secure
Check the protocol of the website/conversion page. If the page is a secure page “https”, you need to ensure that the pixel used is a secure pixel. This is NOT a problem in reverse when the pixel is secure but the page is not. Your account manager can provide you with a secure pixel for implementation, ie.
There are issues with special characters
Make sure that straight quotation characters are used and not curly quotation characters.
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