Benefits of User Matching

What is user matching?

User Matching brings offline data online, bringing sellers additional revenue.

Benefits of user matching 

By turning on user matching, you can: 

  • Earn 100% incremental revenue on top of your advertising dollars, without using any of your proprietary data 
  • See higher CPM and reach: by matching offline data to your users, your display ad inventory will become more valuable to advertisers 
  • Protect your data: cookies placed do not contain any personally identifiable information from your users, and we only match data for authorized match partners 

How does user matching work? 

  1. The moment an email is opened, the hash of a user’s email address is matched against a pool of desired hashes from advertisers — who are paying a premium to find these users in display 
  2. When there’s a match, our data partner is able to drop a cookie to target those users in display across the web 
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