Introduction to Creative Rotation

Benefits of Rotating Creative

Once a campaign is spending consistently, certain creatives will prove to be top performers and these will receive the bulk of impressions.   However, even top performers may become stagnant over time. As such, it's good practice to add in new creatives, while removing the ones that are poor performers.

Best Practices 

  • After a campaign is pacing, 2% of the budget for each line item is devoted to testing across new placements and variable combinations.  Adding in multiple creatives to a current line item all at once will spread the natural testing budget thin, which is why it is best to add one or two at a time while eliminating poor performers.
  • You should only have 3-5 creatives running per ad size at any given time.
  • If you would like to test a new creative for a line item, you must set up a new creative. There are two ways you can do it:
      • Select the appropriate advertiser.
      • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the strategy (line item).
      • Click on the edit icon.
      • Go to the Creatives tab.
      • Click “new”.


    • Select the appropriate advertiser.
    • Go to the Creative Library tab at the top of the screen.
    • Click “new.’
  • Do NOT go to the creative library, find an existing creative, and edit it.

The reason for this is that each existing creative has a corresponding ID and click URL, and all three of these things must remain linked in order for our Predict Engine to learn from ad performance.

If you change either a creative or click URL, this will cause errors in the learnings our Predict Engine provides.

  • If you are adding new creatives to a current strategy, it may take several weeks for a complete test across all variable combinations.  There is no guarantee that the new creatives will perform better than the current ones, so be patient and see if they take off or not.  A rough estimate is to try a new creative once a month while removing the one that isn’t serving. 
  • If you would like a read on performance more quickly. then you would need to set up a new strategy line item and budget specific for that creative.  This will force spend to that creative. If it is a good performer, you can then add that new creative into the main strategy line item and stop the test line item. 


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