Relaunching a strategy and campaign

If a campaign is not hitting your goal, your ads will stop serving. That said, re-launching a campaign will allow your campaign to try again under new conditions. 

What you need to know: If there is no fundamental change to the campaign (to targeting, bid, goal), then you will likely see the same result.  

When would I need to relaunch? 

Strategies and campaigns will need to be relaunched if they have been deactivated. A relaunch is not a clean slate because all performance history will still be retained to your Ad ID, pixel, creatives IDs, and strategy.

You should relaunch if you made a change and you want to to see that change take effect to forge a new predictive path.

How to relaunch a strategy & campaign

  1. Click the "Trafficking” button on the Navigation Bar 
  2. You’ll be brought to the advertiser page, where you can select the advertiser whose strategy shut down by either
    • Clicking on the name of the advertiser from the list, or
    • Using the search bar on the right to input the advertiser name

Accessing Your Strategy

3. After selecting the appropriate advertiser, you’ll be brought to a new screen. Scroll down to “Strategies” and find the strategy that you need to relaunch. 

4. Once you’ve located the strategy, click on the “Edit” button to the right  

Editing the Strategy

5. Scroll down to the “Budget” field 

6. Change the budget to reflect the amount spent before the campaign shut down

7. Click “Save” on the bottom-right corner of page 


Editing the Campaign 

8. Similar to how you edited the strategy, click on the “edit” button to the right of the campaign you’ll be editing 

9. Scroll down to the “Pricing/Frequency” section 

10. In the CPM field, raise the CPA goal

11. Click “Save” on bottom-right corner of page 

12. Your new goal will appear on the Campaign line under “Goal” 


Cloning the Strategy 

13. Click the “Clone” icon on the strategy you’ll be cloning (icon looks like this:)

14. In the “Name” field, rename the strategy 

15. Scroll down to the “Flight Dates” field, and update to reflect the dates that the campaign is being relaunched 

16. Scroll to “Budget” field, and change the budget to reflect the Previous Amount Spent minus the total budget allocated 

17. Click  “Save” on bottom-right corner of page 


Congratulations! You’ve relaunched a strategy!

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