Social Activity FAQs

Amplify your social audience development by including real-time activity from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram within your email newsletters. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions around our Social Activity offering. 

Are the posts pulled in real time?

Yes. As with all LiveIntent products, the image that is served is decided on in real-time. Depending on how the ad unit is set up, it can pull in the latest 1-3 posts from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Is targeting available?

Yes. All of LiveIntent’s regular targeting capabilities still apply. However, you must have a fall back or make sure there is 100% coverage for your targeting. For example, If you want to target iPhones with one piece of content, you need another piece of content to target all other devices. We also can target using hashtags from your social campaigns. In this way, the posts that appear in the social unit will be filtered to only those from your account with the specific hashtag you've designated.

Is reporting available?

Reporting is similar to LiveIntents regular reporting capabilities – including data on impressions and clicks, geography, demographics, etc.

What can I use these social ads for?

Develop your audiences across channels and devices by encouraging engaged email subscribers to engage with your brand elsewhere. Also, amplify your social content while gaining reach in email. 

How do I get started?

Contact your account manager to get started! There is a special LiveTag you’ll implement and your account manager will help you customize and traffic your social unit within the LiveIntent platform.

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