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Setting Up LiveAudience for Advertising Studio within Salesforce Marketing Cloud

LiveAudience campaigns run within newsletters sent by over 1300 major, global publishers and top brands including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, LiveNation, Kraft, Walmart, Kayak, and Priceline.


Required campaign elements

You need six items to run a LiveAudience Campaign with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio:

1.     An account with Salesforce Advertising Studio

2.     A signed IO with LiveIntent

3.      The audience segment(s) you wish to target, uploaded in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

4.     Standard IAB image assets (multiple versions welcome).

Please review LiveIntent’s Content Policy and Creative Requirements and ensure you’re in compliance.

5.     A bid amount in USD.

6.     A landing page URL.


Accepted ad formats

We accept standard IAB Ad Units: 300x250, 728x90, 300x600, 160x600, and 970x250 JPG, PNG or animated GIF. As well as our own unit, Portrait, 300x1050.  

For full list of ad specs and creative requirements, check out this article.

Tracking Conversions

You can track conversions simply by dropping a LiveIntent pixel on your purchase confirmation page or the landing page that you would like to track.

For instructions on how to place a pixel, check out this article.

Measuring Success

How should I considering measuring a LiveAudience campaign?

A LiveAudience campaign should be run and measured differently from a web display campaign. A majority of clients gauge success based on reach and frequency (GRPs) while others look deeper down the funnel to clicks or conversions. There is a last set that looks at website engagement and repeat rate.

Campaign Improvement 

Can I use your optimization techniques to target or improve my campaign?

Yes, but only with a larger list. Our prediction engine will naturally deliver the best ad to the right person, with the highest propensity for a click. For it optimize best, it needs a high enough CPM to win the most important available impressions along with extra available inventory (a large list) so that it does not have to buy every impression to fulfill the campaign.

Pricing & Reporting

What should I bid for my subscribers?

It depends on the goals of the campaign. If the goal is to make sure you reach your specific audience with the right message on the right device at the right time, you’ll want to bid close to $9-$11 CPM.

How am I charged for a campaign?

CPM based on impressions. No additional fees.

Do I need my own bidder?

No, LiveIntent will run your LiveAudience campaigns full service.

Can I set user frequency caps?

Yes, you can set frequency caps by day. 

How do I get reporting?

LiveAudience campaign reporting will be sent to you via email for the duration of your campaign. Your LiveIntent account manager will work with you to set up the cadence of the reports when they set up your campaign.


For other questions on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio integration, please email

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