Setting Up a Campaign with Custom Audiences

With LiveIntent's Custom Audience (formerly branded as LiveAudiences) solution, you can onboard your audience data from a CRM or other data warehouse to create segments that you can activate across the LiveIntent exchange. To learn more about Custom Audiences, please visit Overview of Custom Audiences.


Custom Audiences start with a customer list 

To get started, you need the customer list, which can be provided in a variety of formats:

  • A list of plain text email addresses.
  • A list of hashed emails from your CRM or CDP in MD5, SHA1, or SHA256 format.
  • A list of mobile ad ids (MAIDs) to represent your mobile app customers.
  • A list of DMP cookies.
  • A list of DSP cookies. We can easily accept cookies from MediaMath, Trade Desk, Adobe, and AppNexus.

Preparing your data from CRM file (emails or MAIDs)

1. Format the lists properly
If uploading email addresses, hashes, or MAIDs, please follow these formatting guidelines:
  • Only 1 column.
  • No titles, column labels, or other text. The first row should start with the first ID (email, hashed email, or MAID).
  • Only 1 ID per line.
  • No uppercase letters.
  • No salted hashes.
  • No extra spaces or special characters.
      • No spaces before or after the ID.
      • Remove any and all formatting.

Example of a BAD hash that includes spaces:

E 0aa4dc853af 291878b37984863655e7

Example of a GOOD and proper hash:



Note: if uploading hashed emails, please make sure your hashes follow the required character length:

  • MD5 hash is 32 characters.
  • SHA-1 hash is 40 characters.
  • SHA-256 hash is 64 characters.


2. Name your segments

We can target multiple segments for your campaign. Simply separate this information into the segments you want to reach.

Segment Examples: Non-openers, non-clickers, inactive subscribers and recent purchasers


3. Create audiences in Audience Manager

Audience Manager can accommodate onboarding of plain text (raw) email addresses, as well as hashed emails in MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256, and MAIDs. This means you do not need to separately hash your email files before sending them to LiveIntent. Simply create a new audience by uploading your plain text email file. Audience Manager will automatically hash your email list and make the audience available for targeting immediately in our email exchange.
Please follow the instructions outlined here to create audiences using Audience Manager. If you prefer to upload hashed emails in the LiveIntent platform, please follow the instructions here: How to Activate Your Audience Files


Sending your data from a DMP or DSP

LiveIntent has direct integrations with major DMPs and can also accommodate ad hoc requests for data transfers from DSPs. Please visit How to Activate Your Audience Files and reach out to your LiveIntent account manager with any questions.

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