Dedicated Email FAQs

Dedicated email allows you to leverage LiveIntent’s relationships with premium, top-spending advertisers to gain an additional revenue stream. Below are details on how to get started. 

How Dedicated is sold 

LiveIntent’s Dedicated solution is sold on sends, not opens. It is also sold off CPM, not CPA (cost per acquisition) or CPC (cost per click). The CPM is pre-negotiated between the Publisher and the LiveIntent Dedicated team. LiveIntent’s Dedicated publisher partners are sold anonymously, based off a publisher category of vertical, like Home & Garden, News, Food & Drink, Auto, and more.


You must have an opt-in Dedicated user list, and you must adhere to compliance laws

For publishers other than B2B or very niche, you must have an active dedicated U.S. list size of over 350,000.

For LiveIntent’s full content policy, view this article

Getting started 

Once you’re added to LiveIntent’s Dedicated roster, you’ll be added to media plans and proposals via category or vertical name. When a buy comes in, the LiveIntent team will reach out to you with the details, so you can approve or decline.

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