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Integral Ad Science monitoring capabilities

LiveIntent supports monitoring tags to measure the following checked () Integral Ad Science products. All data and reports will be delivered via the Integral UI or your Integral Ad Science rep.

While we do not support Integral Ad Science’s blocking capabilities, please contact your sales rep to discuss other options to satisfy your needs.

Brand Safety

Dynamic scoring of individual pages to determine the type of content surrounding the ad.


Uses a combination of big data and session-­‐based analysis.


Leverages the three leading geographic IP verification vendors (Quova, Digital Envoy, MaxMind) to verify the location of an end user, and cross check between all three vendors to determine if the impression is infringing on the advertiser’s requirements.

Device Type

See-­‐through Rate

Ability to see through the page by grabbing the url


True Advertisers Quality – overall media quality score.


Presents data to accurately assess viewability in all media

Contextual Relevance

Assesses the contextual category of the pages ads so clients can target inventory based on contextual categories and sub-­‐categories.

Ad Location (above/below the fold)

Ad Collisions

Informs clients of the level of ad collision (ads from same campaign not intended to appear on the same page at the same time) within campaigns, as well as by site and publisher.

Ad Clutter

Measures the number of ads on the page, the density of ad placements, and the distance between ads to provide comprehensive clutter analysis.

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