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DoubleVerify monitoring capabilities

LiveIntent supports monitoring tags that measure the following checked () DoubleVerify services. All data and reports will be delivered via the DoubleVerify PinnacleTM platform or your DoubleVerify rep.

While we do not support DoubleVerify blocking capabilities, please contact your sales rep to discuss other options to satisfy your needs.


Brand Safety

Over 77+ brand-­‐specific content classifications to meet your client’s needs


Uses deterministic technology to identify and prevent non-­‐human activity as well as site based-­‐fraud


Leverages the leading geographic IP verification vendor (Digital Envoy Edge) to cross check the location of an IP for end users.

Device Type

Reports on impressions served to desktop, mobile, and tablet.

See-­through Rate

Ability to climb through multiple iFrames of the ad serving chain to verify the served domain of an ad impression.

Ad Clutter

Measures the number of ads on the page, the density of ad placements, and the distance between ads to provide comprehensive clutter analysis.

Contextual Relevance

Assesses the contextual category of the pages ads so clients can target inventory based on contextual categories and sub-­‐categories.

Ad Location (above/below the fold)

Determines where the ad sits relative to the page after all elements of the page have loaded.

Ad Collisions

Impression level detection of multiple ads served to the same user, on the same page.


Measures ad impressions for the opportunity to be seen based or MRC standards or custom standards based on client need.

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