Questions about Ad Formats & Creative

What ad formats do you accept? 

For LiveIntent's full list of ad specs and creative requirements, view this article

Is the association maintained between an ad creative and its click-through URL?

Yes. The LiveIntent platform maintains the association between an ad creative and its click-through URL across all platforms. The LiveTag was designed to overcome issues that plagued other vendors where click-through urls would direct to landing pages not associated with the creative served (solving click caching issues).

Do you support ad serving to multiple ad slots?

Yes. The LiveIntent platform supports serving a line item with any number of associated creative to multiple ad slots within a single newsletter.

Can LiveIntent support exclusivity for a single advertiser? 

Yes. The LiveIntent platform supports a sponsorship and rotational product that allows exclusivity of one advertiser across all ad slots in the same newsletter. These products are LiveIntent roadblocks and takeovers.

Can I serve video content within email newsletters?

Yes. The LiveIntent platform supports the serving of video content through a special HTML 5 LiveTag constructed uniquely for video serving. This unit is only supported for standalone campaigns or dedicated email buys. Reporting includes video impressions versus fallback impressions, and fallback clicks. Video playback reporting is not available.

Please Note: You should also not be removing specific sections of the click URL when generated in the attribution partners platform.

Can I integrate native ads into newsletters? 

Yes. The LiveIntent platform supports the ability to serve Native ad creative into the marquee unit of a newsletter.

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