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Questions about LiveTags & Delivery

Does LiveIntent send any email? 

No. LiveIntent is not an Email Service Provider (ESP). We do not send email for our clients. 

We serve as a Supply Side Platform (SSP) for your email inventory. We do partner with many ESPs, however, so publishers have no problem integrating our LiveTags.


What are the benefits of using a CNAME?

A CNAME improves the user experience as your links will appear to be coming from your domain, and allows filters to email inboxes to see and recognize content that's authentic to the publisher. 

For instructions on how to set up a CNAME, check out this article


Why doesn't DART work in email?

DART categorically states that they do not support ad serving in email.

Publishers who do use DART tags in email can employ certain techniques to make them appear to work, but inherent problems stem from DoubleClick’s dependency on cookies to tie the impression to the click.

In the absence of cookies, such as in mobile (60% of all email opens, today) they have to rely on matching by IP address which is not always reliable. When it breaks, the link either does not click-through at all, or you get a click-caching error, whereby a previous click is cached and associated with a future impression, resulting in a mismatch so that the new click routing to the wrong landing page (i.e., the landing page of the cached click). 


Will LiveTags negatively affect the load time of my emails?

No. Our HTML tags are approximately 100px in size and have no impact on load times. Load time issues may be related to your email service provider, or the email client it is opened in. 


Will LiveTags negatively affect my deliverability rate? 

No. Our HTML images will not cause any scanning issues with your ESP or email clients and or affect deliverability.


Can customers opt-out of email through LiveIntent? 

No. LiveIntent is not an ESP and as such we do not manage email opt-out lists.

With LiveAudience first-party data targeting capabilities in display advertising, you’re able to suppress your opt-out list if you so choose.

Please confirm with your internal legal department on how your company should handle email opt-outs.


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