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Questions about Privacy & Data Security

How does LiveIntent protect customer privacy?

LiveIntent uses the anonymized hash to target advertising campaigns to people. We do not receive or store email addresses.

Any email address passed by our clients to the LiveIntent platform is converted to a hash prior to hitting LiveIntent's servers, and is discarded immediately after hashing. PII never touches LiveIntent’s servers.

We do not profile email address or tie stored hashed email addresses to any other type of identifying data.

LiveIntent follows IAB standards, guidelines, and best practices and is a member of the DAA. All data at rest is stored on database servers with restricted access within the LiveIntent network. Data transfers across the internet are provided with SSL encryption.

What’s a hash?

A “hash” is a hexadecimal code randomly generated by an algorithm. Each hash is unique to each email address. The hash can be matched, but not reversed. It’s completely private and anonymous. 

It is an industry standard for anonymizing data, used by platforms like Twitter and Facebook, as well.

Most common forms of hashing include: MD5, Sha1, and Sha2. 

How do you hash?

Please follow instructions for preparing your data here.  

How is a hash used for targeting?

Hashes are used to match 1st and 3rd party data in order to serve the most relevant ads possible. At the moment a user opens an email, the LiveTag makes a call to Akamai where the email address is hashed before hitting the LiveIntent server. Then, any ads matching the hash of the opener are then able to enter the real time auction and bid for the impression. 



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