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Can customers opt-out of behavioral advertising?

Yes: LiveIntent is a member of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). Customers can opt-out of behavioral targeting through the AdChoices program.


How is geo-location determined with mobile targeting?

Geo-location is determined on IP address, based on how the device is connecting to the Internet. If a mobile device has Wifi on, the IP address could be coming though Wifi.


Do you offer targeting by any aspects of the user agent? 

Yes. The LiveIntent platform supports targeting of various aspects of user agents such as email client, browser, device, and operating system. Newsletter opens occurring within a Gmail client (desktop and mobile) will be classified as unknown due to Google’s image caching behavior.


Is targeting newsletter ads by custom criteria supported?

Yes. The LiveIntent platform supports alternate ways of targeting a newsletter ad by custom criteria that does not fall under our standard targeting capabilities.

 This can be achieved by two methods: LiveAudience and Key Value Pairs (KVPs). Using LiveAudience, audience segments can be uploaded into the platform in the form of email address or MD5 hashes. These segments will then be available for targeting. KVPs allow the publisher up to 10 unique keys to be placed into our LiveTag in which custom values corresponding to the user can be inserted.


Take a look at our article, "Setting Up a LiveAudience Campaign" for more on LiveAudience.

View our article on "Key-Value Pairs" for more on how to traffic and view reporting on KVPs.


Can I serve ad creative with dynamic components? 

Yes. In order to achieve the same affect multiple static images or animated gifs can be created and targeted to a user based on specific criteria such as geo location, gender, and age.



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