Dynamic Product Remarketing: Overview

Dynamic Product Remarketing captures shopper behavior on a marketers website for the purpose of informing data-driven ads in LiveIntent inventory.  The insights collected include products views, shopping carts, and purchases.  These intent insights power dynamic ad creative for customers with products they have interacted with, or relevant up-sells and cross-sells. LiveIntent calculates the best product to display to each individual customer, with the goal of efficiently producing a conversion. 

LiveIntent is able to accomplish this via our Website Retargeting Tag, in addition to the advertiser’s product feed.  The Website Retargeting Tag loads asynchronously and does not influence page load times or other aspects of the user experience of your website.


How To Get Started?

Below you will find the steps required for implementing Dynamic Product Remarketing.

*Note: Your account manager will provide you with your customized tag

Dynamic Product Remarketing: Implementation Checklist

  1. Implementing the Dynamic Product Remarketing:
  • Dynamic Product Remarketing FAQ
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