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AdChoices: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AdChoices for LiveIntent Marquee Ad Units

In an effort to maintain a high-standard of consumer privacy and compliance with the advertising industry standard, Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), LiveIntent is implementing the AdChoices ‘button’ on all Marquee Ad Units. With this update, all LiveIntent ad units will meet DAA standards.

This minor update will ensure LiveIntent publishers are providing their users and advertisers the best experience – most importantly, the change enables additional demand for publishers, as some advertisers require AdChoices.


What is AdChoices

AdChoices is a self-regulatory program for online internet-based advertising that exists in the United States, Canada and across Europe. The program calls for advertising companies to establish and enforce responsible privacy practices for interest-based advertising, aimed to give consumers enhanced transparency and control. Companies adhere to a set of principles that are enforced by accountability programs.

For more information on AdChoices please click here.



  • Do I have to make any updates on my side (to the LiveTag or my newsletter template)?
    • No, all of the updates will be pushed from the backend system, and modifications to your tags or template are not required.
  • Does this change effect my email newsletter load time?
    • No, this will not have an impact on the performance of your email newsletters.
  • How will the marquee unit change?
    • Before:


  • When will this change happen?
    • The update will be pushed out on October 1st, 2016.



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