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LiveConnect (for Publishers): Website Implementation

LiveConnect: Increase the Number of Your Newsletter Subscribers that DSP's can Target, Enabling Future Programmatic, People-Based, and Mobile Marketing Opportunities.


How to Setup LiveConnect for Your Website

Below you will find the quick and easy step-by-step instructions for setting up LiveConnect for your website. If you have any questions during this setup process, please contact your LiveIntent Platform Development Manager.

Estimated time for completion: 10 minutes (Dependent on your number of web properties, and if you utilize a tag manager)

*Note: Upon the completion of these steps, and confirmation from your Platform Development Manager, you can expect LiveConnect to begin showing results in 3-6 months.



Step 1: Please contact your LiveIntent Platform Development Manager (PDM). They will provide you with a custom LiveConnect tag.

Example LiveConnect tag:

<!-- LiveConnect tag for publishers --><script type="text/javascript" src="//" async="true" charset="utf-8"></script><!-- LiveConnect tag for publishers -->

Step 2: Please place your LiveConnect tag on all of your website pages.

*Note: If you have multiple website properties please notify your PDM.  A custom LiveConnect tag is require for each website.

Step 3: Please notify your LiveIntent PDM to confirm your implementation is operating properly.



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