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Publisher Overview

The publisher overview can be accessed by clicking on a Publisher in the Media Group Birds-Eye View. In this view, you can see publisher details in the upper-right hand corner, as well as manage newsletter details.


Publisher Details

Primary IAB Category

This shows the primary IAB category that is selected for this Publisher

Primary Domain

The primary domain associated with this Publisher

LiveIntent Exchange Advertisers

This shows the number of LiveIntent Exchange Advertisers that are Blacklisted/Whitelisted.

IAB Category Blacklist

This shows any IAB categories for advertisers that are Blacklisted for this Publisher.


This shows the CNAME that has been set up for this Publisher account.


If a label has been applied to this Publisher, it will appear here.


This shows the number of RTB Advertisers that are Blacklisted/Whitelisted.

Newsletter Details

The Publisher Overview page is populated with searchable detail views for the Newsletters associated with the Publisher. You can click on the title of each Newsletter to see a more in-depth Newsletter view. Each detail view includes the following information:

Last Updated

The last time that the newsletter was updated.


Clicking on this will take you to the Newsletter Edit Workflow (Link).

View Tags

Click on this to view the LiveTags associated with this Newsletter.

Download Tags

Click on this to download the LiveTags associated with this Newsletter.

IAB Category

This displays the IAB category at the newsletter level.

Created By

This displays the user who created the Newsletter.

Active Ad Slots

This displays the number of active ad slots, the associated IDs, their names, and the ad slot sizes for the newsletter.


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