Creating/Editing a Newsletter

You can access the Newsletter creation workflow by clicking on ‘Create Ad Slot’ or 'Create Newsletter' in the Media Group Bird’s-Eye view or in the Publisher or Newsletter Overview. You can make edits by selecting  ‘Edit’ in the Newsletter detail view.

Creating/Editing a Newsletter


1. Fill out the Basic Details for your Newsletter:

Newsletter Name - Enter your Newsletter's Name

IAB Category - Enter The IAB Category for your Newsletter.

Secondary IAB Category - Enter a Secondary IAB Category, if applicable. 

Allow Exchange Demand for All Ad Slots in This Newsletter - Select this if you's like to open up all ad slots associated with this newsletter to Exchange Demand. 

Advanced Settings - Click on 'Advanced Settings' to expand show more sections:


Ads Must Be From Different Sources

Select this option if you want to ensure that if there is more than one ad slot in this newsletter, the demand for ad slots will come from different sources. This is not recommended, as it can decrease the number of bids on your inventory.  

2. Select whether you’d like to Enable RTB demand in the newsletter. To make this setting the same as at the publisher level, select ‘Inherit Settings from Publisher’. Then fill out RTB settings if applicable: 

RTB Settings

Inherit Setting from Publisher - Select this if you'd like to inherit the RTB values from the Publisher level for this newsletter. 

Apply Default values to all Partners- Select this if you'd like RTB Partner Settings to revert to defaults. 

Edit RTB Partner Settings - Select this if you'd like to manually edit transparency and partner floors. 

Advanced Settings  


Ads Must be from different sources (Not Recommended) - Select this if you'd like to ensure that demand from multiple ad slots in the same newsletter must be from different sources (i.e. different advertisers). 

3. Click ‘Save and Exit’.


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