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Setting Up A Direct-Sold or House Campaign and Line Items

1. Click the ‘Create Campaign’ Button from the desired Advertiser page


2. Select the ‘Direct-Sold’ Option. Note: The workflow for setting up a house campaign is the same as Direct-Sold, but is split out separately in reporting. 


3. Select the goal of your campaign (Branding or Performance)

Please Select Branding for the following use cases:

  • Guaranteed campaigns
  • Standard impression-based, non-sponsorships (a campaign that will compete with LiveIntent exchange demand)
  • Maximizing CTR, hitting an impression goal, or maximizing conversions. 
  • Branding is most commonly selected goal for direct-sold and house campaigns. 

Please select Performance for the following goals:

  • CPM
  • CPC
  • CPA


4. Select your optimization goal (Impressions, Clicks, or Conversions). If you're selling this campaign on a sponsorship basis, select impressions. 



5. Fill out the required campaign fields:



Campaign Name - Enter the name of your campaign.

Campaign Type - Select Standard Newsletter, not Roadblock.

Guaranteed - Selecting Guaranteed means that the impressions/budget entered will serve first and override any non-guaranteed campaigns. Select this option if you are selling this campaign on a sponsorship basis, and fill in 100% in the 'Share of Voice' field. Note: In our updated platform, you select Guaranteed with a check box (not a slide select as in the old platform). 

Primary IAB Category - Choose the IAB category that best describes the advertiser that you’re creating.

 Frequency Cap - Determine the number of times the ad will be shown to a given person during an hour, day, week, or month. This function is optional and not recommended for most campaigns because it can affect the campaign’s ability to fulfill an impression goal.

Campaign Label - This is a non-searchable field that you can use to label details about your campaign. 

Flight Dates - Set the start and end date for your campaign. All line items will need to start and end between these dates. 

Budget - Select either Impressions or Currency (Ad Spend) amount and enter the desired value. 

If you'd like to set up a campaign as a sponsorship, please make sure to take the following actions:

  • Make sure that the 'Guaranteed' option is selected.
  • Create a CPM that is $50
  • Create an impressions threshold that is at least 10x what your expected delivery is. Or, create an impressions threshold that is 3x the send volume. 
  • Make sure that no other campaigns or demand sources are competing for the same inventory at the same time. 

Note: For a Guaranteed campaign with 100% SOV, inflate the budget to an amount that is 10x your expected delivery or 3x the send volume. This will ensure that the campaign does not stop spending. 

CPM - Enter a value for the campaign CPM goal. Please note that this value cannot be zero, even if the campaign is guaranteed.


6. Click Create Line Item (or 'Save and Exit', if you don't want to create a Line Item at this time) and fill out the required fields:






Line Item Name

Server To Server - Only check this box if you are running an app download campaign and have consulted with your account team. 


Active - This Line Item will run during the specified flight dates, and data will be available in the Reporting section of Campaign Manager.

Paused - This Line Item will no longer run during the specified flight dates. Reporting data will be pulled into the Reporting section.

Inactive - This Line Item will no longer run during the specified flight dates. Reporting data will not be pulled into the Reporting section.

Flight Dates - These are the dates that your line item will run. 

Budget - Enter your Line Item budget. 

Pacing - Select ASAP (As Soon As Possible) or Even Pacing. Select ASAP for Guaranteed/100% SOV campaigns. 


LiveAudience - Target or Exclude your LiveAudience segments.

LiveRamp - Target or Exclude your LiveRamp 1st-party segments.

Location - Select US-only, or Global targeting. Note: The targeting option defaults to US-only. If you'd like to select Global targeting, you'll need to move the radio button to the Global targeting option. 

Select Targeting by country, metro, state or city OR by postal code (you cannot select by both). Then search locations to target or exclude.

Age - Target or Exclude Age groups

Gender - Target or Exclude by Gender

Device - Target or Exclude by Device

Advanced Targeting

Target or Exclude by:




Day & Time

Device Maker



Placement ID

List ID

Key Value Pairs

7. Linking Ads - Use the Ad Creator Tool to Create Ads or Link Existing Creatives.

8. Click ‘Review Ads’ - Review your Campaign and Line Item Data. To confirm creation, click ‘Save’.  

9. Link your Line Item to Ad Slots - Once you’ve saved your Line Item, click ‘Connect to Ad Slot’ on that Line Item’s overview page and select the ad slot that you'd like to link.

Note: To create additional Line Items, click the ‘Create Line Item’ button on the Campaign overview page.

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