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Trafficking LiveIntent Standard Campaigns via Google Ad Manager

💡 Before you begin to traffic, please make note of the following: 

  • If you are you a small business Google Ad Manager (GAM) user, you may not be able to integrate. Please reach out to your Account Manager to confirm capabilities and for additional information.
  • LiveIntent inventory will appear in GAM under a top-level ad unit titled "LiveIntent Inventory”
  • Best practice is to not traffic line items that are targeting LiveIntent inventory in tandem with line items targeting non-LiveIntent inventory under the same Order.

Trafficking Instructions

Standard: Use this type for all impression-based non-guaranteed campaigns. These line items will serve Standard Line Items are for evenly paced campaigns. Line items will compete with other exchange and non-guaranteed Direct Sold campaigns.

  1. Log into your GAM account
  2. Click on the Delivery tab
  3. Click on the Order tab
  4. Choose New Order
  5. Name your Order
  6. Select the appropriate advertiser from the advertiser dropdown or create a new advertiser/brand
  7. The trafficker information will auto-populate
  8. The “optional” fields are not required to sync with LiveIntent. The fields will not sync over to LiveIntent, however, they are available to use from the GAM end

Line Item: New Line Item

  1. Name your line item
  2. Inventory Size will always be standard. To enter size, click into the text box. Available inventory sizes will display. Both standard and custom sizes will appear.
  3. The “optional” fields are not required to sync with LiveIntent. Those fields also will not sync over to LiveIntent, however, they are still available to use from the GAM end.
  4. Once the campaign syncs in LiveIntent, you will receive a note in the "comments section" highlighting campaign setting such as targeting.

Line Item: Settings

  1. Select Standard. This setting will default to a priority of normal and 8. Do not change these settings. Changes to the default settings will cause synching issues.
  2. Select Your Flight Date. Please adhere to the following conditions:
    1. If your Order has an end time of "unlimited", the Order and associated Line Item(s) will not sync to LiveIntent. Note: If you have a line item with an end time of “unlimited” under an order, the Order will default to an “unlimited” end status, which will interrupt the LiveIntent targeted line items.
  3. Input Quantity as Impressions. Our UI platform does not support clicks or viewable impressions. Changing this setting will cause synching issues.
  4. Set CPM or CPD. Please make sure the Line Item CPM or CPD is set to fulfill at least 51 impressions
  5. Discount field is not supported; please skip.


Line Item: Adjust Delivery

Settings will default to:

  1. Display Creatives: Evenly
  2. Rotate Creative: One or more

Please do not make changes to these settings. Other values will not sync


Line Item: Add Targeting

  1. Link your desired ad slots by targeting LiveIntent Inventory under the ‘Inventory’ Select the LiveIntent inventory that you would like your line item to run on. Please ensure that you adhere to the Inventory Targeting Check points below.
    1. Do Not Target a combination of LiveIntent inventory and your web inventory.
    2. Do Not Target Inventory at the Publisher Level or both newsletter and ad slots. Please select either a newsletter entity, or an ad slot entity to target. You cannot target both the entire newsletter, and individual ad slots within it.
    3. Do Not Create a New Placement in GAM to target; only target placements that sync from LiveIntent. If you wish to create a new Placement, please create in LiveIntent first.
    1. Do Not Target Placements with non-LiveIntent ad units.
  1. GAM Targeting within the “Geography”, “Devices”, “Connection” or “Mobile” tabs are NOT supported at this time. Targeting for LiveIntent is set up within the Key-values section ONLY, via custom Key-value pairs indicated by “LI” within their naming convention. LiveIntent Custom Key-value pairs are indicated by a “LI” within the naming convention. Available targeting is below
    • Geo: LI_City, LI_country, LI_metro, Region (LI_region)
    • Device Type: LI_device
    • Age and Gender: LI_age
    • Day Parting: (LI_day), Hour(LI_hour)
  2. List ID and Placement ID are also treated as KVPs, but they have their own separate space in the UI.
    1. List ID: Key = li
    2. Placement ID: Key = p


Set-up A Creative

Creative setups occur within the Line Item under the “creatives” tab. Note: Creative flighting is not supported in this integration.

Find the Line Item that you wish to add a creative to within your Order Tabs.

  1. Navigate to the creatives tab
  2. Select "Add Creatives" button. Note: This integration currently only supports image creatives. If you upload a template creative, your line item will not sync between LiveIntent and GAM.
  3. Upload your desired creative
  4. Add a click-through URL
    • IMPORTANT:If you are implementing a tracking pixel on your creative, you need to change the cachebuster to LiveIntent’s macro, which is {DECISION_ID}.
    • If you wish to traffic two third party tracking pixels on your creative, this requires you have the System-Defined Creative Template for your GAM account. Please find more information here.
  1. Click “SAVE”
  2. Page will refresh; You are now ready to approve your Line Item


Approve the Line Item

After all line item targeting, adjustments, and/or changes are finalized, please ensure the Line Item is approved.

  1. Click ‘Approve’ to sync your line item to LiveIntent.
  2. Please allow up to 4 hours for the line item to sync. Data will start recording once the line item begins delivering. You can find a proxy for impression data here: Reports>Metrics>Total Code Served Count. NOTE: These numbers are not true impression values. You may use any of the LiveIntent reporting solutions to obtain accurate impression and click metrics.
  3. Once the campaign syncs in LiveIntent, you will receive a note in the "comments section" highlighting campaign setting such as targeting.

Making Changes to a Line Item

  1. Any changes to creative requires a new line item to be set up. Please remember to pause original line item, once new line item is approved.
  2. Unlinking Inventory will not synch every hour
  3. Pausing Line Items can take up to 8 hours to synch. Please reach out to your AM for urgent matters.




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