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LiveTag Updates

We've introduced updates to the LiveTag/Ad Slot creation process that will allow you to serve multiple ad sizes into one Ad Slot. This is the first stage of LiveTag updates that will eventually allow you to target sizes by device and set ad size floors. In the long term, that means yield management tools to give you more control over your inventory. In the short term, it means higher CPMs from more demand across multiple sizes.

What Has Changed?

Multiple Ad Sizes

When creating a LiveTag, you now have the ability to serve multiple ad sizes (IAB and custom) into the same Ad Slot.


All new LiveTags collapse with no demand, unless they are configured to serve just a single size, in which case they default to a static unit that does not collapse. In the ad slot creation workflow, there is a collapsibility checkbox to enable collapsibility on single-size ad slots. 

If you select only a single size, the ad slot will default to being a static unit that will not collapse. If you'd like your single size ad unit to collapse, you can select the collapsibility checkbox. 

Here are the different scenarios for tag collapsibility:

  • Ad slot with one size, and checkbox checked = unit will collapse
  • Ad slot with one size, and checkbox is NOT checked = unit will remain static
  • Ad slot with multiple sizes, and checkbox is checked = unit will collapse
  • Ad slot with multiple sizes, and checkbox is NOT checked = unit will collapse

Fallback Ads

If there is no demand for an ad slot, new units with multiple sizes enabled will collapse. Units created before May 9th, 2018 (except Marquees) and will continue serve a LiveIntent fallback ad if there is no demand. 



What’s in it for me?

More revenue per Ad Slot from more bids on your inventory - you can also set ad size floors for each of your ad sizes.

What Ad Sizes can serve in my Universal Tag Ad Slot?

All IAB Sizes and/or custom sizes.

Can I hide the ad unit if it doesn’t meet my floor?

Yes, the Universal Tag will collapse if the demand is not great enough to meet your floor.

What happens to my current LiveTags?

Nothing changes with your current LiveTags, this update will only affect those that are created going forward. 




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