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NEW: Key-Value Pair Reporting

Using Key-Value Pairs, or KVPs, you can define your own targeting criteria based on first-party data specific to your subscribers or newsletters. Similar to display advertising, you can use key-value pairs to dynamically pass custom information to your LiveTags that can then be used for targeting.

Using KVP Reporting becomes especially useful when you’re running campaigns on audience groups or demographics that are specific to your industries (like music concerts and travel destinations), which is why we’re excited to announce the launch of KVP reporting in the LiveIntent platform!

How to Create a KVP Report 

Accessing Reporting 

  1. Log into the LiveIntent Platform (
  2. Click on the "Inventory Manager" tab on the navigation pane
  3. Click "Reports" tab on the left sidebar 
  4. Click "Create a New Report" button on the right-side of the page 



Adding Basic Details 

  1. Report Name: Name your report 
  2. Report Type: Select Key-Value Pairs from dropdown 



💡Please note: Due to the nature of multiple keys being part of the same impression, these KVP reports contain overlapping data across keys and paired values, and will not tie out with total impressions and other aggregated events. 

Customizing Your Report

  1. Query Range: Select your date range
  2. Time Granularity: Select your preferred time granularity
  3. Splits: Select from standard splits you’d like to include in the report 
    • + Add Inexact Splits: Select from additional inexact splits you’d like to include in the report 
  4. Metrics: Select which metrics you wish your report to return

What's Coming Up Next
Below, we’ve reiterated what’s available in this version of KVP reporting, as well as what’s coming up in the future. 

Available Today 
Coming Up Next 
New data on individual KVPs - breaking down all the combined strings
Exact data on KVPs
KVP data combined with inexact datasets
Setting max counts for # of KVP returned
Splitting by all filtered key-value pairs
Filtering by a single Key-Value Pair
Split out Keys and Values separately
Standard impression log-based metrics (imp, clicks, conversions, etc.)
Finding overlap data between +2 separate KVPs
Time granularity defaulted to 'All' (Daily, Weekly, Monthly available)
KVP Forecasting

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