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LiveIntent Platform Updates 6/6-6/19

 See below for a list of coming updates to the LiveIntent platform over the next few weeks:


Day and Start Time for Line Items - In the campaign and line item creation workflow, you will now be able to select the time of day at which you'd like to start and end campaigns. The default setting for this is 12am for the beginning of a campaign and 11:59pm for the end of a campaign. 

Roadblocks and Takeovers -  deprecated from the platform. 


HTTPS Protocol Update - When the deployment is made on Thursday, the LiveIntent platform will only accept Image Source URLs and 3rd Party Tag URLs in HTTPS format. Moving forward, that means that any third party tag that you use needs to be in HTTPS format. If you input an incorrect value, you will see a prompt that asks you to input the URL with the correct HTTPS protocol. 

Week of 6/19

LiveAudience 360 Reports - LI360 reports will now have a time stamp for impression-level data. 

History - Change logs will be available for all Campaigns, Accounts, Ad Slots, etc. 

Elastic Search - Elastic Search will be extended to the conversion, ad library, and audiences tables


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