Audience Targeting Overview

This article covers targeting options for users running campaigns on both SSP and DSP. These workflows can be found when setting up a campaign line item. 

DSP Audience Targeting

Boolean Logic Overview

For users running campaign in the DSP, audience targeting is available that uses Boolean logic, which allows for more granular targeting of multiple audience segments. Boolean Operators are terms like AND and OR that are used to define and connect groups of audience segments. Here's a brief overview of how they work:

AND - AND is used to narrow searches, creating smaller audiences. Use it as a way to find the overlap between audiences. For example, using the logic A AND B AND C would return an audience comprised of everyone who is a member of A, B, and C. If someone was a member of just A, for example, they would not be included. 

OR - OR is used to expand searches, creating larger audiences. Use it as a way to group audiences. For example, using the logic A OR B OR C would return an audience comprised of anyone who is a member of either A, B, or C. That would include someone who is a member of all three, as well as someone who is just a member of A. 

Using Boolean Targeting In The Platform

Use the below table to reference the screenshot of the Boolean Targeting workflow. 

A. Use the search bar to search for audience segments by name or number. If you add more than one audience, they will be added to an audience group (the grey group of audiences that appears below the search bar). 

B. Choose whether to exclude or include your audience segment group. If the check box is clicked, the audience group will be excluded. If the check box is not clicked, the audience will be targeted. 

C. Chose whether you want to use AND or OR to connect the audiences within your audience group. For more detail on AND and OR, please refer to the overviews in the previous section. 

D. In cases where there are multiple audience groups, you can choose whether to "AND" or "OR" with other audience groups. 

E. You can add as many audience groups as necessary. 

F. This field shows the Boolean logic output by the fields above. In some cases, this field will show AND NOT and OR NOT in addition to the AND and OR operators. These operators will occur when the 'Exclude Audience Group' checkbox is checked. 



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