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LiveIntent’s Forecasting Tool allows a Media Group user to forecast how much of their inventory is or will be available over a certain period based on their targeting criteria. It considers the previous two months’ worth of data, along with any previously booked impressions, to provide a forecast of the remaining inventory that is available to either be sold through as a part of a publisher’s direct sold campaign or available for purchase across the exchange. This tool is useful in that it provides additional insight into expected inventory availability so that a publisher does not overbook their inventory, so that they know how much is available based on the strictness or openness of their targeting criteria, and so that they can make more informed buying and selling decisions on their part to best optimize their inventory and revenue sources.

How To Use The Tool

Log into the platform and go to the Reporting tab:


On the left hand side of the page, select the Forecasting button:


Click on the Check Inventory button to be brought to this screen:


First, select the date ranges that you would like to forecast for:


Next, select which inventory you would like to forecast across (Publisher IDs, Template IDs, Ad Slot IDs, Bundle IDs):


If you wish to add additional targeting criteria, select the + Add Targeting Criteria option, at which point several targeting parameters will appear:


You have the ability to add Geo, Age, Gender, and Device targeting and can choose to either target or exclude based on these parameters:


Once all of your forecasting parameters have been entered, select the Check Inventory box at the bottom of the page to be brought to your forecast:


On this page, you will not only see how many impressions are available but will also see a summary of what the forecasting criteria are as well as all of the ad slots that have been included in the forecast, their corresponding details, and the forecasted, booked, and available impressions





Custom date ranges that you would like your forecast to be pulled for

Publisher, Template, Ad Slot, and Bundle IDs

You can forecast based on different granularities, whether it is on the publisher, template, or ad slot level or via a predetermined bundle of IDs

Geo Targeting

Geographical targeting: country, state, metro, city


Age groups segregated into: 18-20, 21-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+


Male or female


The device type that the user is using to view the email: PC, Phone, Tablet, GoogleProxy

Key Value Pairs

KVPs that a publisher has created for targeting purposes. This will allow for more granular forecasting by enabling the ability to forecast across specific keys, values, or pairs 

Export .CSV

Ability to export your forecast as a .csv file






Media Group

Aggregation of publishers, can forecast off of entire media groups without having to select each publisher

Audience Files

Forecast off of uploaded audience and CRM files

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