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Platform Release Notes Week of 12/3/18

See below for Release Notes for the week of 12/3/18:

Audiences Details Page

For LiveAudiences - Audience details page will include:

1) High level details as indicated below:

  • Advertiser Name
  • Advertiser ID
  • Audience Name
  • Segment ID
  • Created Date
  • Last Updated Date
  • Audience Type
  • Member Lifetime (TTL)
  • Shared Status (Private/Shared)

Segment Size, Match Count and Match Rate

File History Details (add/removal history)

Linked Line Items (just as we are displaying from linked line item column)

User will be able to click into a line item and navigate to line item in campaign manager.

Conversion Tracker Details Page

Where: Conversion Tracker tab

View details page will show the following information:

1) High level details with editable fields as indicated below:

  • Advertiser Name
  • Conversion Tracker Type
  • App ID
  • Advertiser ID
  • Created Date

2) All campaigns linked to selected line item (campaign id, campaign name, type, budget, spent, goal metric, start date, end date)

3) Show 1x1 Pixel or LC Script 

The user will be able to edit optional parameters in their LiveConnect script so they can copy to clipboard and send to web developer. If a user edits their tag, their last edited view will be saved so when a user returns to the page they will see what parameters they last added.

Optional Fields include

  • Email Hash 
  • Conversion ID 
  • Purchase Amount
  • Currency
  • Basket Info

The following parameters will not be editable: 

  • Event
  • Name

Show Ad Slot Status for Direct Sold Advertiser under Linked Line Items

A new column for ad slot status is shown both in line item selection form and in "linked" table in campaign manager.

Status column will read: Pending, Active or Inactive

Removing Direct-Sold from Creative Approval Tool

Direct-Sold creatives will not appear in the Creative Approval Tool

Simplified Workflow for users with a single publisher

The "Whitelist/Blocklist" and "Select All Publishers" are known and will be preselected for users with a single publisher. 

Advertiser domain and campaign/line item setup details added as reporting fields

From strategies:

  • status
  • budget_type
  • pacing
  • bid_amount
  • budget
  • start and end date

From campaigns:

  • demand_type
  • budget_type
  • guaranteed
  • bid_amount
  • budget
  • start and end date

Bug: Deleted Creatives are unlinked from campaigns

Deleted creatives will automatically unlink so they don’t keep serving if you forget to unlink after deleting.

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