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Direct Sold Packages

Ad Slot Packages

Packages allow you to direct demand into a specified set of your ad slots; for example, a set of Newsletters or a set of ad slots “above the fold” in your newsletters. Packages can be utilized in Direct Sold campaigns or in Private Marketplace (PMP) deals on the Exchange.

Why Use Packages?

Ad slot packages make it easier for publishers to manage direct sold or house campaigns with multiple ad slots. Instead of selecting each individual ad slot every time you setup Direct Sold or House campaigns, you can select a pre-determined grouping of ad slots which can be reused across different campaigns. 

Creating a Package

You can set up a package under the Inventory Manager section of the platform.


1. Press "Create Package" in the upper right-hand corner

2. Fill out basic details


Package Name: Pick a name for your ad slot package. The name will be displayed in the platform when linking a package, so we recommend using a descriptive name.

Demand Type: Defaults to “direct.” 

Media Group: Enter the associated media group

Description: This is a non-searchable field that you can use to label details about your package.

Inventory: Select the publishers, newsletters, or ad slots you would like to add to your package.

Linking a Package

Linking a package is the last of four steps in creating a direct sold or house campaign. You can link a package by going to the “Link Packages” table below the "Link Ad Slot" table of the direct sold workflow. Select the package or packages you would like to link and save. 

Changing a Package

Please note that when you change a package, the updates will automatically apply to the package across all linked line items. 


Have questions? Check out our Packages and Direct Sold FAQ

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