Direct Selling: Packages and Guaranteed Workflow FAQ


If a campaign is running right now as guaranteed, do we need to change or fix the campaign? Or will it run as normal?

You do not need to change or fix the campaign. Everything will keep working as normal.

So nothing happens to my existing/legacy campaigns?

Correct. Nothing changes and everything will keep operating as expected. 

Can we switch the guaranteed option on and off, as we currently do with the branding campaigns?

No -- guaranteed campaigns have a separate workflow, so there is no on/off button. You will need to create two campaigns if you want to switch between guaranteed and non-guaranteed.  

What is the difference between an impression-based and a guaranteed campaign? Both require an impression goal, SOV, and CPM.

Guaranteed campaigns have first-priority over other campaigns. An impression-based campaign, on the other hand, must compete for a given impression. Impression-based campaigns will bid at a designated CPM and win an impression if the campaign is not outbid.  

Is share of voice always 100% for Guaranteed campaigns?

Campaigns default to 100% share of voice, but you can set it to whatever you’d like. If you set SOV to 0%, your campaign will serve after campaigns that have a designated share of voice.


Unlimited Budget

Is Unlimited Budget available for all Direct-Sold campaign types?

Unlimited Budget is only available for Guaranteed Direct-Sold campaigns. Non-Guaranteed: Branding or Impressions & House Campaign do not have the option to set an Unlimited Budget.

Can Unlimited Budget be set at the campaign and line item levels?

Unlimited Budget can only be set at the campaign level. Line items within a campaign with an Unlimited Budget selected will automatically have an Unlimited Budget.

Please note that once a guaranteed Direct-Sold campaign with an Unlimited Budget is saved, Unlimited Budget cannot be removed. To remove the Unlimited Budget setting, create a new campaign.

Can I apply placement id targeting to campaigns using an Unlimited Budget?

Campaigns with line items that add placement id targeting, will not automatically show an unlimited budget option. Please create a Direct Sold Guaranteed Campaign and set an unlimited budget - then you can create a line item with placement id targeting.


Priority Levels

Can priority levels be switched mid-flight?

Priority Levels can be switched mid-flight on the line item level.

Are guaranteed campaigns with no priority the highest priority?

All guaranteed campaigns are assigned a priority level. Priority level 3 is the default.

Do priority levels still have pacing?

Priority levels will override the standard ‘Even’ and ‘ASAP’ pacing options for guaranteed Direct-Sold line items.  For example, if an ‘Even’ line item assigned priority level 1 it will serve before an ‘ASAP’ line item assigned priority level 2. 



Is there a way to create Packages in bulk?

Not at the moment. Packages must be created separately.

Can I select a Package and then exclude certain slots/newsletters in the Package?

No. Any ad slots referenced in a package will be targeted. You can target additional ad slots on top of the current package, but you can’t exclude ad slots within an existing package. If you want to exclude ad slots from a package, you’ll have to make a new package.  

Can I link additional ad slots after linking a package?

Yes, a line item can have multiple packages and ad slots linked within it.

Can packages be further grouped? In other words, can I target one package within another package?

No, you cannot nest packages. Currently, only Publishers, Newsletters and Ad Slots can be targeted by packages.  

Is there a way to check for duplicate inventory amongst packages?

If the same inventory is targeted more than once by a line item, LiveIntent will automatically remove duplicate inventory. You would have to review the packages page to ensure that there is no duplicate inventory (though, for ad serving purposes, it does not matter if there is).

Can packages be used like bundles?

Yes. Packages and Bundles serve the same purpose: both are used to target a group of ad slots. Packages, though, give you the ability to manage what is in them. This can be done from the Packages page in the platform.

Can I report on packages?

At the moment, no. But you can set up your report to include metrics by publisher, template, or ad slot.

Why don't I see the package button on my dashboard?

You need to have certain permissions to be able to use the Packages feature. Reach out to your account management team and they can help you get set up.



What happens to pre-existing Bundles?

In short, nothing. Your existing bundles will still function as they did before; however, if you want to update or create new bundles, you will need to create a package.  

Can I use bundles in the forecasting tool? What about packages?

Yes, you can input bundle IDs into the forecasting tool. You can also input publisher, template, and ad slot IDs. We are working on integrating packages with the forecasting tool.


Placement ID

How do I target a specific email drop?

To send on a drop for your Guaranteed Direct Sold campaigns, you’ll have to use the Placement ID, which is designed to target a specific newsletter send. The Placement ID parameter lies within the code of each LiveTag, and looks like this: p=*{PLACEMENT_ID}*

This placement ID variable is provided by your ESP and populates a unique variable on each mailing or distribution sent. We recommend using a placement ID parameter with a date-time stamp (EX: XX_YYYYMMDD) format. If you have multiple sends a day (whether it's one newsletter or multiple), each send should have a unique placement ID, so you’ll need an appropriate variation of the date stamp. In the aforementioned example, the “XX” portion of the Placement ID would act as a differentiator amongst sends from the same day.

To send on a drop, add the corresponding Placement ID in the platform at the line item level. You can find it under the “Targeting” section:Screen_Shot_2019-04-29_at_4.28.52_PM.png



Does the budget still need to be a large, arbitrary number for Guaranteed campaigns?

Today nothing has changed about the budgeting behavior. We are in the process of finding a better solution, though.  

What is the process for a takeover campaign in which an advertiser sponsors the entire newsletter?

Create a guaranteed campaign and target every ad slot in the newsletter you are taking over. For now, you should still make sure the budgets are inflated to win every impression.

Will the platform let me know when I have multiple campaigns targeting the same ad slots?

You will be notified if multiple Guaranteed campaigns are targeting the same ad slot. However, you will not be able to see the combined SOV of the campaigns.

How can I verify the SOV of multiple campaigns? What happens if the SOV is greater than 100%?

You’ll have to add up the collective SOV from the multiple campaigns. In the event the collective SOV is greater than 100%, you can calculate the SOV for each guaranteed campaign by dividing a campaign’s SOV percentage by the collective SOV percentage. Check out the Share of Voice section of our Direct Sold Campaigns article if you’d like to learn more.


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