Kochava In-App Implementation Instructions

Kochava In-App Implementation Instructions

This guide walks you through how to configure LiveIntent in your Kochava account for in-app tracking. Once you configure your events, you will need to get any relevant conversion pixels from your LiveIntent account team. They can also set up audiences for you. Then, once you’ve implemented your pixels and LiveIntent has set up your audience segmentation, your account team will set up your campaign in our platform. Once these steps are completed, you can go live.

Step 1: Configure LiveIntent as a Partner

  1. Select the desired Account.
  2. Go to the Partner Configuration page
  3. Select LiveIntent from the “Ready For Activation" section


Step 2: Create a Postback Configuration for App Installs

    1. Select Apps & Assets > Partner Configuration.


    1. Click Add a Configuration.
    2. Select Media Partner > LiveIntent.
    3. Click Go.


    1. Select Install > Postback Tools (⋮) > Edit.
    2. Enter your LiveIntent App ID.
    3. Select a Delivery Delay.
    4. Select the number of Retry Attempts.
    5. Click Save.


Step 3: Create a Postback Configuration for In-App Events

    1. Click Apps & Assets > Partner Configuration.


    1. Select LiveIntent > Network Tools (⋮) > Postbacks.
    2. Locate the desired event and Click Edit Postback.
    3. Enter your LiveIntent APP ID.
    4. Select a LiveIntent Event Name.
    5. Enter a LiveIntent Conversion Name (required with event name ‘conversion’)
    6. Select a LiveIntent Content Type.
    7. Send Revenue (recommended for purchase and subscription campaigns)
    8. Select the Delivery Delay (optional)
    9. Select the number of Retry Attempts (optional)


(NOTE: Conversion Name is REQUIRED with event name: ‘CONVERSION,’ but OPTIONAL for all other event names. It is recommended to input a popular conversion name often used by LiveIntent: product_purchase, lead, subscription, completed_registration, add_to_wishlist  and checkout_initiated.)

(NOTE: Content Type allows you to group different events into a specific category. You can select one of the following content types (‘Product,’ ‘Flight,’ ‘Hotel,’ ‘Article,’ ‘Destination’, ‘LandingPage’) to tie to event viewContent. Content Type ‘Product’ is required for Dynamic Product Marketing.)

Step 4: Create a LiveIntent Campaign

    1. Select the desired Account and App.
    2. Select Apps & Assets > Campaign Manager


    1. Click Add a Tracker or Select Segment Tools (⋮) > Add a Tracker.
      1. Select the Campaign.
      2. Select the Segment.

        (NOTE: In order to streamline the Campaign/Segment/Tracker creation process a feature has been added to allow the creation of campaigns and segments while creating a new tracker. For more information about creating a campaign or segment while adding a new tracker, refer to Kochava’s Create an Install Campaign support document.)

    2. Enter the Tracker Name. (NOTE: When a Tracker is created, Kochava automatically generates a name for the Tracker. We recommend that you replace the Tracker name at this point with a clear name of your choosing.)
    3. Select Tracker Type > Acquisition. (default setting)
    4. Select Media Partner > LiveIntent.
    5. Select Agency Partner (optional)
    6. Select Share with Publisher
    7. Click Save. (If no further trackers need to be created)
    8. Click Save & Add Another Tracker. (If additional trackers need to be created)
    9. Click Save & Create Postback (to navigate directly to the Partner Configuration page).



Next Steps

Once completed, confirm your configuration with your Customer Success Manager so they can check your tag activity and set up your conversion tracker in the LiveIntent platform accordingly.

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