Adobe Audience Manager Integration

With LiveIntent's Adobe Audience Manager integration, you can easily sync your audiences to LiveIntent’s platform. Below is a guide that outlines the steps you must take to set up LiveIntent as a Destination in Adobe Audience Manager.

Setting up LiveIntent as a Destination in Adobe Audience Manager

  1. Ask your LiveIntent Customer Success Manager for your unique advertiser instance (ID) in the LiveIntent platform. Pass this ID to your Adobe Customer Care Representative and ask them to ‘activate’ LiveIntent as a ‘Destination’ in your AAM account. This can take anywhere from 1-3 days based on Adobe’s SLAs.
  1. Once LiveIntent is added as a ‘Destination’, you may begin mapping your audience segments in your AAM account.
    • LiveIntent supports batch delivery and can accept 1st party segments from both online (rule-based segments) and offline (on-boarded) segments.
  1. In your AAM account, click Manage Data>Destinations
  1. Locate LiveIntent as a destination and click edit. 
    • AAM_1.png
  1. In the Segment Mapping section, search for the segment you want to map to a destination and click Add:  
    • AAM_2.png
  1. In the Edit Mapping section, you can select a start date and optional end date.
  1. The Mapping field can either be prepopulated with an AAM segment ID or it can be an open text field -- it will depend on what was agreed as the segment mapping to be sent in the S2S transfer.
  1. If there is an open text field, you can put whatever is the requirement for segment mapping. 
    • AAM_3.png

* The field "Mapping" above is the ID that represents the segments in the files/JSON message you will receive. In this instance, it is an AAM segment ID; however, you can opt to use a segment ID that originates from the Partner platform.

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