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Targeting LiveIntent Inventory in DV360

LiveIntent inventory is accessible in the open exchange or with a Deal ID (recommended).


Creating a Deal


Step 1: Create a LiveIntent PMP

You can set up a new inventory source in DV360 by visiting the Inventory tab > My Inventory. 

Click NEW and select New non-guaranteed inventory to create your deal.


Step 2: Provide the required PMP details

Name your Deal.

Within the Deal ID field, enter the ID provided by LiveIntent.

Within the Exchange field, choose BidSwitch

LiveIntent under Seller Name.

Within the Inventory Format field, select Display.

Within the Creative field, select Native.

Select CPM (Floor) as the Rate Type and enter the agreed-upon price in the Rate column.

Include a Start Date and an End Date (optional).

Once you've entered the information in each column, it should save and the deal should show up under My Inventory from now on.


Step 3: Create a campaign and target your deal

First, create a new campaign. You can set up inventory at the Campaign, Insertion Order or Line Item level. We recommend setting the inventory at the Line Item level.

 After entering the essential details, visit Targeting > Inventory Source. 

  • Navigate to the Deals and Auction Packages page, where you will be able to select your deal.



Targeting Open Exchange

In the event that you don't want to create a deal ID, you can still access LiveIntent inventory through the open exchange.

  • In this case, you will navigate to the Public Inventory tab and select the LiveIntent sub-exchange under the BidSwitch exchange. Uncheck the box to “Target new exchanges.” 




More information is available on the DV360 Help Center.

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