S3 Reporting Change

LiveIntent is gradually transitioning automated reports from a zip file to an Amazon S3 link. Below is a summary of the change, as well as a timeline of the transition. For any questions relating to the transition, please reach out to your Account Team.

Monday, Sept. 23rd

Starting Monday, September 23rd, automated reports will be sent in both a zip file and an S3 link. 

Wednesday, October 3rd

Starting Wednesday, October 3rd, zip files will no longer be provided. On this date, you will begin receiving your automated reports in an Amazon S3 link only. 

Ensuring Minimal Disruption

To ensure minimal disruption, we recommend using the ten days between September 23rd and October 3rd to become acquainted with the new reporting delivery method. 

If you are automatically ingesting these reports, you will need to update your ingestion method to scrape the S3 link, which will be available starting September 23rd. You can have your Dev Team update the ingestion logic now to scrape for all reporting types, but you will not be able to test the new logic until September 23rd, which is the first day the S3 link will be available. 

Please note that if you are opening reports manually, you can click the link in the email and your report will download automatically. 

Additionally, please be aware that with this change, the S3 links will expire after one week. If you need to access a report after the link has expired, you can work with your customer success team to generate a new report. 

Summary of Transition 




Talk to your Dev Team about the upcoming transition

September 23

Automated reports will include both a zip file and S3 link

Sept. 23-Oct. 3

Users will have time to test their updated ingestion method to ensure it scrapes the S3 link

October 3

Automated reports will only include an S3 link

Questions? Drop us a line at productmarketing@liveintent.com

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